Simfund Canada combines the wealth of Investor Economics fund industry databases with the technological and analytical prowess of Strategic Insight’s nearly three decade-long history of the Simfund solution. Simfund Canada is a highly interactive web-based decision support and market analysis tool that empowers its users to quickly construct fund industry analyses and pinpoint emerging trends in the Canadian funds industry.View Factsheet

Key Features

  • Trusted Investor Economics data enhanced by global research and local market expertise
  • Quality data from Investor Economics enhanced by the Simfund user interface integrates seamlessly into existing workflow
  • An “all in one database,” including a broad-based investment fund universe (ETFs, funds of funds)
  • Exclusive access to Investor Economics proprietary databases, including the multiseries and fee/expense ratio database
  • Provides historic perspective with monthly industry asset and flow data back to 1990; as well as investment return ratings and top holdings information
  • Asset categorization including the CIFSC and Investor Economics asset classifications


  • Empowers user to conduct in-depth analysis via a self-service model
  • High-touch support and service from experts on the ground, including analytical and client services teams
  • Ability to share compiled analytical views with internal audiences and Investor Economics internal experts
  • Increases productivity and problem-solving with the ability to create custom reports by funds, flows, fund size, fund series

Value to Senior Management

  • Fosters a deeper understanding of industry developments and emerging trends; provides the forum for monitoring success of product ideas and competitive analysis
  • Improves analyst productivity and effectiveness by delivering critical information in a single data source

Value to Product Development

  • Ability to run extensive reports and cross-tab data saves time
  • Full access to Investor Economics analytical team to spot trends and formulate projections

Value to Sales & Marketing

  • Fast and accurate insight into the Canadian market
  • Establish strong connection to leading customers and prospects

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Simfund Latin America features more than 150 data points for over 10,000 funds across the five major markets including Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Argentina.

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